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More DMCA Madness

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A Mod-Chip site got closed down yesterday, and the person running it faces up to five years in prison - plus the U.S. Government has seized the domain name.

Everything Is All Screwed Up

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As you may have noticed, all of the interior pages of the site are screwed up as I work on getting the templates redone. Oh well, deal with it.

Party At Ground Zero

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A friend of mine in San Francisco, Merin, has her own take on preparing for the worst.


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I'm so excited. I've just switched this page over to Movable Type, which should give me a lot more flexibility in updating it, and getting feedback.

Maybe someone will actually read this now...

CD Collection

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Well, actual updates are now occuring in the CD Collection section! I have just finished putting up the new improved A - C section. While this may not sound very impressive at first, you need to understand that I now have more CDs in A - C then were previously in the entire collection. There is still a lot to do there, including adding more album covers and lyrics, and putting in direct links to let people buy the CDs, but hey, this is more than I have done in that section in 6 years! Go look at it and marvel.

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