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Switching to GEMM

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I've decided to give up on using Amazon's affliates program. It's too much work to create the links, and there isn't a good way to automate it.
Their selection doesn't reflect what's in my CD collection too well either. So I am switching over to GEMM, an online collective that I have shopped at many times. Basically it's a clearinghouse for all kinds of small new and used record shops around the world, so their selection of esoteric stuff is excellent. They also carry vinyl and oddities, so I think it's a much better fit. Just make sure you read the descriptions of items very carefully - I would hate for somebody without a turntable to buy a 12" single...

Join my cult

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With the recent media success of the Raelians, and the discovery that they have over 100,00 members world wide, I have decided that it's time to breathe new life into my efforts to start a cult of my own. Read about it, and if you are interested in joining, leave a comment.

Traffic is up

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Well, still struggling to find time to update things. My initial mistake of admitting I didn't have enough to keep me busy has snowballed into a huge amount of work. Hense, the lack of the updating. I have however, had time to look at the site logs, and something interesting has shown up. Traffic is way up since I started claiming I would update. Over 1000 visitors so far in January alone.

Many of these people seem to come here from search engines, and I have noticed that some of them - usually searching on 80s related topics - actually look through quite a bit of the site. If you are one of these people, please do me a favor and leave a comment - let me know what you think. I thrive on your praise. Also, if you are someone I know, or who knows me, please, please, please drop me a leave a comment and let me know you were here! For example, someone recently did a google search on Au Coquelet and then looked at 26 pages on the site - who would do a thing like that? I'm dying to know.

The next updating I do is going to be the purchase links - I noticed that a whole bunch of people are looking to buy weird old eighties stuff, and landing on my site. I will probably also add some resources for out of print and hard to find stuff. I'm also going be be adding lyrics and album cover graphics where possible.

I'm also considering dropping all the Shinra.com pages at the front of the site. It's an old joke, and I'm tired of it. If you object, let me know. Too late. I did it.

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