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My best friend, Marcus Evan Brooks died after a two year struggle with cancer. Remember him.

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I was a close childhood friend of Marcus, in Berkeley, up until around age 12. Even then he was extremely talented as an artist. I lost contact with him completely after around 1990. His birthday was April 26. I noticed the date coming up and I thought "I wonder what ever happened to Marcus" so I googled him and found this web site. Thank you for putting the information out there. It's not good news, but at least it is a tribute. I would like to see more of his art if you have any.

I’m glad that I was able to provide you with some information about Marcus - even it’s not good news. He was an amazing guy. I actually lost track of him at about the same time that you did - we were sharing an apartment in S.F. until 1989, but drifted apart after that. Luckily about six years later he got back in touch and I was able to spend another 7 years as his friend.

I do have some more of his artwork that I plan to put up - along with more memories.

Thanks for writing. So...who are you? Do I know you from Berkeley/Au Coquelet?

I was a very close friend to Marcus for a few years (in fact I met you a few times) but lost touch with him just before he got really sick. I took him to the hospital the first time he got his biopsy results, and when he had his lymph nodes removed - and then, supposedly, he had no trace of cancer left in his body. I moved out of the country - and I didn't keep in touch - and sometime thereafter a mutual friend told me Marcus' cancer had returned; he was dying and in fact very near death. I couldn't imagine Marcus, who was the most "alive" person I ever knew, being gone. For a long time I couldn't get up the courage to call him to say goodbye - when I finally did call he had died a few days earlier.

I still think about him all the time and will always have painful regrets for my inaction. He was such an influence on me in life. I only hope he understood somehow.

I'm happy to see this page even though it brought back sad memories. I miss him a lot. I don't have any pictures of him so it was a shock to see his face on this page. If you have more pictures I'd really like to see them.

I don't know why I'm typing all this except I don't know anyone else who knew him as well as you.

Peace Ed,

you should have told me. I hate the fact that I had to find out from your web page. Did you not have the heart to tell me? OVER A YEAR. I know that I have asked you about him since then. I suppose its my fault. I should have... I could have... would have... fuck it.

I doubt very much that it's your fault. I probably thought that you knew. Who are you? I am very sorry that you found out this way.

I met Marcus in 1997, when his sister kind of set us up "to hang out" together while he was in Orange County visiting. We went out, had a great time, and hit it off. When he went back to SF we wrote each other alot, and sent pictures and silly stuff. His letters were hilarious, and I must admit that his wit and intellect intimidated me, some. I bought a plane ticket to fly up for a visit. In the meantime, I ran into an ex boyfriend, and ended up getting back together with him. ( which of course didn't last long). I pretty much blew Marcus off and handled things like a total ass. We lost touch for awhile, and later emailed a few times, but I obviously had done enough... I have always felt aweful for being such a shit to such a great person. I'm sure he wasn't ruined because of me, but he was always sweet, and didn't deserve to be treated like that. Apologizing to him was always something I meant to do, and never really did, sincerely. I just ran into his sister 3 days ago, and that's how I found out about his death. My heart stopped. I can't believe someone so great, so young, and so talented could just be taken like that. For those of you, who were close to him, please accept this heartfelt apology. I am truly sorry. And so sorry for never making right my stupid immature actions. I hope he didn't think I didn't care, cuz I did.
Too little, too late.
Goodbye, in peace.

Well, it has been 2 years ago today that Marcus died. (the date at the top of the page is actually wrong- it was Sept. 5th) Although there is a constant emptiness without him, there are some days that I find his death to be absolutely unbearable. Today is one of those days, and I appreciate having this page to come to and read the comments of other people who loved him.
I miss that when he called me, he would never say hi, he would just jump right into the story he called to tell me.
I miss him laughing at my horrible sarcastic comments. Without him around, they just sound mean.
I miss eating with him- we loved all the same desserts.
I miss him calling me "sis".
I'm still so pissed at him for getting cancer and leaving me here by myself. What an asshole thing to do!
Ed, I hope you and your family are well, he really loved you guys.

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